Novamed Urgent care are equipped to handle a wide range of illnesses and injuries, offering convenient access to timely care. To enhance their diagnostic capabilities and streamline patient care, we are partnering with imaging centers. This imaging center specialize in various diagnostic imaging services such as X-rays, ultrasounds, CT scans, MRI scans, and more. By partnering with this imaging center, Novamed urgent care benefits from the advanced technology and expertise available at this center. This collaboration allows Novamed urgent care providers to offer a broader range of diagnostic services on-site, leading to quicker diagnoses and more efficient treatment plans.

3D Obstetric Ultrasound in Illinois

3D obstetric ultrasound is an advanced imaging technique used to visualize the developing fetus in three dimensions. It provides expectant parents with a more detailed and realistic view of their baby’s features and structures in the womb. This technology offers a unique opportunity for parents to bond with their unborn child and allows healthcare providers to assess fetal anatomy in a more enhanced way.

What are XRAY, MRI, CT and Ultrasound?

  • XRAY is a test that uses radiation to produce images of the bones and teeth. It is fast and accessible, but it does not show soft tissues or subtle bone injuries.
  • MRI is a test that uses radio waves and magnets to produce images of the soft tissues, nerves and blood vessels. It does not use radiation, but it is more specialized and may take longer than XRAY. It is excellent for diagnosing sports injuries and musculoskeletal conditions.
  • CT is a test that uses radiation to produce images of the bones, soft tissues, organs and blood vessels. It is similar to XRAY, but it shows more detail and can create three-dimensional images. It may use a contrast dye to highlights certain parts of the body.
An X-ray image of the cervical spine is shown, representing the diagnostic X-ray services in Chicago urgent care clinic.

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