What to expect during a DOT physical at NovaMed Urgent Care

At NovaMed Urgent Care, we understand the importance of a DOT physical for commercial drivers. We offer convenient and affordable exams that are designed to meet all DOT requirements. During the exam, our licensed medical examiner will check your vital signs, perform a physical exam, and evaluate your medical history. The exam typically takes about 30 minutes to complete, and you will receive your medical card on the same day if you pass. Our medical examiner will also provide you with guidance on how to maintain your health and fitness as a commercial driver. This may include advice on diet, exercise, and other lifestyle changes that can help you stay healthy and fit on the road. All of these exercises are the same at NovaMed Urgent Care Center.

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If you are a commercial driver in need of a DOT physical, NovaMed Urgent Care can help. Our licensed medical examiner will provide you with a comprehensive exam that meets all DOT requirements. We understand the importance of your health and safety as a commercial driver, and we are committed to helping you maintain your health and fitness on the road. Contact us today to schedule your DOT physical and ensure that you are fit to drive

A DOT physical is a checkup that is required for commercial vehicle drivers by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to ensure their physical, mental, and emotional fitness

If you are a commercial driver or an aspiring one, you are probably familiar with the DOT physical. This physical exam is required by the Department of Transportation (DOT) to ensure that commercial drivers are healthy and fit to operate commercial vehicles. NovaMed Urgent Care provides this service to drivers who need to renew their DOT medical card or obtain a new one. 

What is a DOT physical?

A DOT physical is a medical examination that evaluates a commercial driver’s physical and mental health to ensure that they can safely operate a commercial vehicle. Also, they can have DOT Physical from our NovaMed Urgent Care in Illinois. The exam is required by law and must be performed by a licensed medical examiner listed on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners. During the exam, the medical examiner will check the driver’s vital signs, including blood pressure, heart rate, and vision. They will also evaluate the driver’s medical history, including any chronic conditions or medications. The examiner will also perform a physical exam to evaluate the driver’s overall health and fitness to drive.

Why do you need a DOT physical?

A DOT physical is required by law for all commercial drivers who operate vehicles that weigh over 10,000 pounds, transport hazardous materials, or carry more than 15 passengers. The exam must be performed every two years, although drivers with certain medical conditions may be required to have more frequent exams.The purpose of the exam is to ensure that drivers are healthy and fit to operate commercial vehicles. Driving a commercial vehicle requires a high level of physical and mental fitness, and the exam is designed to identify any medical conditions that may affect a driver’s ability to drive safely. You are definitely going to need a DOT Physical test, don’t waste your time and come to our NovaMed Urgent Care center in Illinois for an examination. 

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